About us

Our diverse team of professionals shares a passion for online education.


Instructional Designers

All content and resource developers are highly experienced and qualified learning design and developers.


Development Team

We will dedicate a team of professionals to your project so you have peace of mind that your project is our priority, no matter how small.


Instructors online

Learning Management Systems with 24/7 facilitator support, discussion forums and email.


Guaranteed Costing

Where possible we will provide an upfront cost for development of your project. There are no hidden extras and we guarantee all work.

Real Workplace Projects.

Applied Learning

Our online courses include workplace projects and activities that often contribute to the outcome of the program. Our team are highly experienced instructional designers, project managers and qualified educators. We work with you to identify and scope projects that contribute to your business directive and incorporate activities into courseware development.

Benefits to the Organisation

e Learning Creations offers organisations the opportunity to develop the key skills and knowledge of staff in a fresh new way. We provide support for, and development of online learning, focussed on workplace activities and operations.
This means competencies are developed and learning implemented in a real and meaningful way for the organisation and participants.

Supported Client Journey.

From Idea to Outcomes

We work with organisations to turn education ideas into successful projects that deliver real outcomes.We develop resources that include organisational documentation, processes and procedure and build activities and assessment tools that are relevant to your organisation.
Our project managers are experts in delivering IT projects on time in budget. Our strengths include:

  • Scoping projects to identify key objectives and deliverables
  • Targeted resources to deliver expected outcomes
  • Quality management
  • Risk analysis
  • Change management and project control